How To Ace your Interview and get your dream job.

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3 min readNov 17, 2020

The outcome of your interview is important in getting hired, and the tips in this article will help you ace it.

Congratulations, you have just received a mail asking to know if you’d be available for an interview on Tuesday in the coming week. It is from the company you sent an application to a couple of weeks ago, and they are hoping to meet you, to proceed talks on the job offer.

Whether you are applying for a job for the first time or you’re trying to get a new job, it is critical to note that interviews are usually different from one another, however, these tips could apply across all interviews and could be key to you getting your desired job.

Getting to the interview stage means that your CV has met all these requirements and you have been considered fit for the potential role. Whatever happens during the interview process will determine if you will get the job or not. So how do you give yourself an advantage and set yourself in prime position to land the job?

Whatever the role is, here’s what you should do to ace your interview:

1. Research your potential employer

Before your interview, research the organization so you can know what the company is about, their mission and culture. Browse the company’s website to learn about its history, recent announcements, executive officers, and values. Then search for recent news about the organization to study its latest achievements and future goals.

2. Review the job description

Make sure you understand the job role and what the expectation is, so you are prepared to explain why you are a perfect fit for the role and how you will deliver on all the duties and expectations of the job during the interview. Pay attention to the skills and experiences required, the responsibilities involved with the role and how you bring out the best result for the company.

3. Understand the STAR method

The STAR method involves discussing method, task, action and result. This is usually done to create hypothetical situations where the candidate is asked questions on how they will handle those situations. When in such…



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